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Medical Referrals

MedTests, Capturing data from medical referrals 

Capturing data from medical referrals
Is there an alternative way to do it? 

MedTests® Capturing is a complete automated capturing solution for medical tests referrals. The solution consists of three components: An OMR Scanner, Especially designed printed referral forms, the items extraction software.

iNSIGHT4ES Scanner

The OMR Scanner 

The Scanner of the solution is a high speed, high accuracy Scantron OMR Scanner with Imaging capabilities and automatic feeder.

Depending on the expected daily scan volume an iNSIGHT 4es or an iNSIGHT 700c can be used.

The Scanner with the one pass “reads” the OMR check marks – the tests ordered – and the barcodes – the form unique ID  and possibly the sample unique ID –  with 99.99% accuracy. This success rate is achieved by various control mechanisms built in the scanner ensuring that only one form is scanned at the time, the forms are not skewed during scanning etc.

The Referral forms 

Your existing lab tests orders forms are redesigned, so that all the common tests are printed on the form, with checkmark boxes next to them.

The doctors ordering the tests simply check the appropriate box next to the test name.

Each form has a unique per form number and a barcode printed on it. The form has space so that the doctor ordering the tests can (optionally) attach a barcode label with the sample’s/patient’s unique ID.

The forms have special marks such as the timing marks and the form id marks that are read by the scanner and ensure accurate data capturing.

Medical Referral

The Software

The Scanning software controls the scanning process, captures the data from the scanner, performs validation checks on the captured data – i.e.: is the sample type selected compatible with the tests selected? – and outputs the captured data in a format – .xml, .csv, database table – that can be automatically imported into the Laboratory Information System of the Lab.

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