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Customer Feedback

Survey123, Customers Feedback System

Customer Feedback

With Survey123® you can have all the above with no additional technical or administrative complexity for your company.

Survey123® is a user friendly system of capturing & processing your customers answers and comments.

Survey123® automatically captures the answers and comments, calculates statistical indices, processes comments and make all that available to the management in the form of reports, charts, auto alert messages of customer satisfaction data.

Survey123® works with online satisfaction questionnaires that can easily be filled in with smartphones, tablets or computers. It can also be used – if you wish so – with paper questionnaires since Survey123® supports “capturing” of answers from paper questionnaires.

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Are you a data science Guru?

  • Survey123® allows you to filter your data using multiple criteria, calculate basic statistical indices such frequencies, percentages, mean, standard deviation and NPS.
  • Furthermore, you can group questions into categories and calculate statistical data per category.
  • If you wish more complicated analysis you can export all data to excel for further analysis.
  • If you just need the big picture, then the Standard Survey123® give you all the information you need just with one click.

Survey123® is an efficient feedback solution for all B2B companies but also for retail shops, malls, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, Spas, banks and insurance companies, exhibitions and events, car dealerships and any B2C activity.

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