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Inspection Forms

InspectForms® Solution
manage inspection data in a flexible way

With InspectForms® you can.

What is InspectForms®

The solution InspectForms® consists of 1) Especially designed OMR Inspection forms, 2) Any twain Scanner or multifunction machine with feeder and 3) Special software for capturing and exporting inspection data for automated transferring to your Information System.

The OMR inspection forms

The inspection forms you probably already use in your company are redesigned so that all inspection items are grouped into categories (i.e. Personal Protective Equipment, Tools & Equipment, Processes etc.) and next to each item there are boxes for check marks.

The inspector checks the appropriate box (i.e. SAFE or AT RISK) for every inspection item in the list. Furthermore there is special space in the form for detailed observation description for the items marked as AT RISK.

The OMR Inspection forms also have special OMR boxes for specifying Date, Time and Inspector ID and Name.

The OMR Inpsection forms have special marks such as the timing marks and the form id marks that are read by the scanner and ensure accurate data capturing.

Inspection Form
Safety and Inspection

The Scanner

Almost any modern Scanner or Multifunction printer can be used as the Scanner component of the InspectForms® solution.

The minimum scanner requirements are: Colour Scanner, Ability to drop out color, Τwain interface, Ability to generate images of at least 200dpi (preferably 300 dpi), Ability to generate image files of types : .tiff, .jpeg .pdf, Availability of Automatic form feeder, Scanning speed 20 forms per minute (preferably 40 forms per minute).

The Software

The Scanning software controls the scanning process, captures the data from the scanner, performs validation checks on the captured data – i.e.: is the date and inspector code filled in? – and outputs the captured data in a format – .xml, .csv, database table – that can be automatically imported into the Information System of the Company.