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Frequently Asked Questions

Turning Point / Reply Systems – Frequently Asked Questions


Our answers to most common questions about TurningPoint and Reply Systems.

1. What type of questions can be used by TurningPoint and Reply Systems ?

TurningPoint and Reply Systems support True/False and Mutiple Choice questions with all types of response pads (ResponseCard RF LCD, ResponseCard LT, ResponsCard SE and ResponseCard NXT). If you wish to use questions that your audience has to answer by keying in a number or a word then you must have use the ResponseCard NXT answer pads.

2. How many answer pads are supported by one RF Receiver ?

One RF Receiver can support up to 1.000 answer pads.

3. What is the effective range of those interactive systems?

The Response pads can be up to 65 meters away from the receiver. No eye contact between the response pads and the receiver is required.

4. The use of Interactive Systems require the installation of software in the Presentation computer ?

No, TurningPoint and Reply Systems software can be executed from a USB Stick without installing it, in the presentation computer.

5. Is it necessary to use Power Point along with these Interactive Systems ?

No, TurningPoint can be used in combination with any software (mode anywhere polling).

6. Is it easy to move the response system to the classrooms and the presentation rooms ?

Response Systems have their each own transportation bag and it is very light to carry.

7. Is TurningPoint and Reply Systems expandable ?

Yes, you simply buy more response pads.

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